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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Come on, Wednesday!

Well, work has been very busy, but things have calmed down enough for me to feel good about it again. For a while it just wasn't fun. Now, happily, I have enough time to cruise around the usual bschool sites. But it's weird to read the CBS RD posts. Didn't we cover all of this in the CBS ED section? I guess that everything repeats, year after year, round after round. This is not to deny the intensity of the experience, but I am grateful that I don't feel that anxiety anymore.

This week I finished up my taxes (no refunds), and did the FAFSA, Access Group, and CBS scholarship applications. I foresee large private loans. I had been wondering how to leverage my portfolio. I found a way!

I'm going to meet my mentor at work on Tuesday to talk about how to discuss leaving the company with my boss. I'm tempted to try to squeeze him for more money, but then I think about needing recommendations next year, and afterwards. I'll probably just be nice. I'll give them tons of advance notice, and not push for anything special. What's an unconditional recommendation and a sterling reputation worth? Probably more than they could give me for a few more months work.

On another note, I believe that I am the last person on earth to have discovered Chappelle's Show. I've been watching the dvds, and when I google stuff that I'm curious about, all the info that I find is two or three years old. I wanted to put the closing picture (I'm rich...) on my BW profile, but I can't find it. Too bad, another opportunity to make myself look like an ass... squandered.

I can’t wait for Wednesday, when those ads for jewelry will stop playing on the radio!


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Marina said...

Hope work is slowing down for you. I am definitely loving life. I know that when I complain about the busy life next year you are going to be one of the first people to tell me to shut up :)

So what's your vote for the Open House activities?


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