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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It has become a waiting game

Yesterday there was a post on the BW board, trying to see who had been complete for a few weeks for Columbia. This was basically a roll call for a list that I have kept in my head since Thanksgiving or so. The list was originally four people. Then last week one got dinged, and today another. The roll call showed that there was at least one other poster in the same situation: Complete with interview, waiting...

Ben, one of the Columbia admin staff, posted on the CBS ED board today, saying that folks can get interviews on either the first or second read, or as a result of the committee read. So it's likely that those of us who have been waiting in the Complete stage received interviews as a result of the first read. I would have thought that this was a good thing if 2 of the 4 other folks in my situation hadn't gotten dings.

So what can I make of all of this? I have a good understanding of why I've been waiting, but not of how long I might wait. Of the two people in my situation who have gotten dings, the first was complete for 24 days, the other for 22. I have been complete for 22 days, which would indicate,
on average, a ding for me tomorrow - if this data actually meant something. The numbers for the other two who are complete are 29 and 23 days without a decision. I can say that any of us could receive a decision at any time, and if I was going to gamble, I would say that one of us will hear before the week is up.

In the meantime, I should focus on the fact that I am still in the game. Even if this is a game involves waiting for other people to play. Tennis maybe? The ball is in their court.


At 6:29 PM, Blogger Marina said...

Congratulations to you as well! I could not imagine having to wait that long after going complete. My status changed to complete yesterday afternoon before I left work - and this morning when I got here I had the admit email. CRAZY!!! Have you written the big check yet?


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